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GBEE Consulting, a Vietnam consulting firm, specializes in helping foreign entrepreneurs and enterprises to invest and doing business in Vietnam. Our professionals focus on business research, business registration and corporate service for foreign invested company in Vietnam.

Strictly follow our commitment on our target, GBEE Consulting is born to only serve FDI Company in Vietnam, but not anyone else.

Seeing the difficulty of foreign entrepreneurs and enterprises facing to invest in Vietnam, GBEE Consulting has been seeded as a great channel to deliver our desires to support foreign entrepreneurs to start and grow their business in Vietnam.

The firm’s capabilities and intellectual capital are enhanced by our deep industry expertise, geographic range, analytical rigor, and hands-on, collaborative approach. Take advantages of a local here, our professionals is being known the complication of business environment in Vietnam and Vietnam government policy, we do understand the difficulty of any foreign entrepreneur to invest in Vietnam,

As a result, our solution have a positive tangible impact on the customer line in Vietnam.

Defined by our people

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. For this reason, we invest tremendous resources in identifying exceptional people, developing their skills, and creating an environment that fosters their growth as leaders.

Our consultants include entrepreneurs, and research scientists accountant and have knowledge and practical experience in doing business and working in Vietnam. They join GBEE Consulting for the opportunity to apply their talents to complex, important challenges, to support their goals.

Powered by practical knowledge and experience

In GBEE Consulting, we believe that no price is more value than practical knowledge and experience. Our individual grew from their own experience to develop their expertise.

We trust that investing in developing countries, like Vietnam, is a very risky actionable investment. Despite of the stable politic, the biggest challenge is belong to complicated legal system, and the unpredictable market trend.

Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s institutional context, sector and industry dynamics, and macroeconomic environment in Vietnam market.

We study markets, trends, and emerging best practices, in client’s industry and sector. All consultants contribute time and expertise to developing these insights, because they are integral to our ability to help clients achieve their goals.

GBEE Consulting specializes in foreign enterprises development by delivering our services to foreign entrepreneur and enterprise, who are investing and currently doing business in Vietnam.

We do this by designing package of venture solution, guidance to doing business in Vietnam, on how to open a company in Vietnam, corporate service that support the establishment and growth of businesses across Vietnam. We create critical value to our customer for their investment in Vietnam.

We continually seek new and better solution for our clients, and aim to anticipate their future needs of doing business in Vietnam. We encourage our people to create and pilot new capabilities and tools, and we invest our firm’s resources in these efforts:

Expanding our expertise in more practice industries, besides the current industries where we are doing very well.
We help to make change to business starting and growth of foreign entrepreneurs and enterprise who do business in Vietnam.

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Our core values are clear

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logo GBEE consulting
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