Vietnam work permit

In accordance with the Vietnam Labour Code, all foreign manager, labor are working in Vietnam, must apply to obtain a work permit, as it is a compulsory requirement for every the non-resident employees. The work permit may be valid from 2 years as duration in labor contract with company.

As a business owner of foreign owned company in Vietnam, you should pay attention on this issue, not only for comply with Vietnam labor code, but take advantage for the non-resident employees

However, Vietnam government also makes some exemption for the following cases, if you are in this group:

  • Foreign employees entering Vietnam to work for less than three months
  • They are a members of members’ councils or owners of a limited liability company with one-member company and more than two members;
  • They are a member of the management board of a joint-stock company
  • They are in Vietnam to offer and sell services
  • They are in Vietnam to deal with emergency cases that are likely to affect business activities of which the Vietnamese experts cannot deal with
  • They are a foreign lawyer who has been issued a license to practice law in Vietnam
  • Foreigners’ internal movement in the enterprises operating in 11 service sectors specified in Vietnam’s commitment schedule to WTO are not subject to work permits.

But be noted that they still make the application to prove the exempted work permit.

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