Finding your potential customer in Vietnam

Customer research is an effective tool to assist our client in business planning, as it is about collecting information that provides an insight into your customers thinking, monitoring market trends and keep an eye on what your customers are looking for.

Our businesses undertake market research on a regular basis to help you identify potential new customers, learn more about existing customers, inform their decisions regarding existing and new products or services and test new markets. In regard of customer, we offer two services: Researching your Vietnam potential customer and Business matching to your potential customer in Vietnam

Potential customer research in Vietnam 

At GBEE Consulting, we priority the 80/20 rule- that 80 percent of your sales come from the top 20 percent of your customers, it is not only applied to small businesses, but also for medium and large enterprises.

Profitability (margin) of your business does not necessarily correlate with the amount of money a customer gives to your business. In business, smaller sales can be highly profitable, while larger sales can cost the company a lot to administer or deliver, and therefore have a smaller profit margin. Because of this smaller sale (which are top 20% of your customer) are your potential customer, they are highi-profit buyers. A laser-like focus on these high-profit buyers also prevents you from expending too much effort on lower profit customers. 

That rule defines us to think about "Potential customer", find the group of 20% customers is the first priority of any business that is the key of business nowadays. 

Our step to approach customer research is identifying, locating, finding, and nurturing that 20% potential customer.We do not apply the same method to all our client. Because each industry, business field, business location has their own potential customer. 

By the technique and understanding of our Vietnamese customer, we offer service of Potential customer research, in the outcome, we give you the customer insight and behavior; then a finding on where to find them, how to nuture them, and specific solution case by case, to make your potential customers become your sales.

Find your solution of potential customer research in Vietnam, tell us about your business.

Business matching with potential customer 

After identified and located your potential customer, if your we will help to connect to your potential customer, schedule the meeting with the top potential of your business in Vietnam. Taking advantage of culture; language; and local favours, we help to match business potential 

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