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Since Vietnam joined WTO in 2007, the international integration makes foreign entrepreneur and enterprise treat Vietnam as a potential and emerging economy in Asian, and spend more interesting in doing business in Vietnam. Some advantages could be taken is cheap labor, emerging economic, supportive business environment and favorable geographical location (Read more on: Why should you invest in Vietnam?), however, barriers of language and culture difference, a complex licensing procedure, complicated legal system make a high barriers to entrance Vietnam market for foreigner.  We understand the difficulties of any FDI companies when doing business in Vietnam.

With our experiences consultant teams in different approaching industries and expertise in Vietnam, we are offering the service of company establishment service under type of foreign-owned company in Vietnam (we call FDI companies).

A 100% foreign-owned company (100% FOC) is a type of Vietnam business entity which enables foreign investor and entrepreneurs to become owner and start their business/company in Vietnam.

A 100% FOC allows foreign investor to do business officially, implement commercial activities for their product and service. It allows investors to make profits and issue local invoices in VND to its customers, which is crucial as invoices are the basis for obtaining tax deductions in Vietnam; moreover, the profit could be bring back to their home country legally as indicated in Vietnam Law on investment 2014.

At GBEE, our expert teams who have qualified experience in dealing with service, trading and manufacturing company incorporation can assist you in achieving all compulsory certificates for your business in Vietnam within limited times and competitive prices.

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The procedure of Vietnam company registration is implemented as following stage:

Stage 1: Searching for location

Location is first priority of any business owner (Foreigner and Vietnamese local) when they think about doing business in Vietnam. The location is depended on natural of business, could be an industrial zone, office or virtual office.

Stage 2: Obtaining Certificate of investment registration

This certificate allows foreigners to bring their money into Vietnam, to push their business legally in Vietnam. This certificate is the greatest difference between a foreign owned company and a local owned company

Stage 3: Obtaining Certificate of business registration

This certificate allows foreign entrepreneur to officially OWN a legal business entity or legal company in Vietnam.

Step 4: Post-licensing procedure

Post-licensing procedure after open company are listed as obtaining company stamps, opening bank account, and initial tax registration.

Step 5: Obtaining necessary licenses (if required by the government)

Case by case, in case your business field is classified as a conditional business. Please contact us for this information. (Read more on What is conditional business in Vietnam? How do you treat with this condition for your business in Vietnam?)

Please contact us to get consultant and quotation, timeframe and procedure for setting up YOUR foreign owned company in Vietnam!

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