Vietnam representative office registration service

A popular way for foreign companies to have a commercial presence in Vietnam, to open a representative office.

Although these offices do not have a separate legal identity but are treated as an extension presence of the foreign company in a new market like Vietnam, which remains liable for their activities. As per stated in Vietnam laws and regulation, a representative office is not permitted to implement any activities earning profit within Vietnam and the activities it may undertake in Vietnam are allowed to marketing; promote and advertise foreign its parent company products and services only.

A Representative Office (unlike a Branch Office) generally does not engage in any taxable business activities (i.e., it does not derive any income from its activities in Vietnam) and also easier to set up rather than a foreign owned company. However, it is important to understand that legal requirement for setting up an entity in Vietnam is often difficult to discern, making the foreigners cannot apply for a representative office by themselves. As each situation is different, GBEE shall carefully review the business activities you are looking to do while in the Vietnam with you, and prepare the legal required documents that ensure your success in opening a representative office fast and properly.

With years of experience, GBEE consulting is very pleased to help several foreign companies to open their first presence as Representative office in Vietnam.

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